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Surf Lessons on Oahu's North Shore with Sunset Suzy

Learn to surf in Hawaii, away from the crowds and noise of Waikiki. Sunset Suzy's Hawaiian Surf School has been helping men, women and children learn to surf on Oahu for 10 years. Suzy is renown as the North Shore's only female city and county lifeguard, and one of the finest surf instructors you could hope for.

Sunset Suzys Surf Camps and Surf lessons had an
amazing summer in 2014

The surf was perfect for beginners all summer! The turtles have multiplied and are everywhere and were coming up to say hello every day! I have found a secret little beach now to teach on. It is a secluded beach with white sand, perfect little waves, and blue warm water. I had a lot of kids camp this summer and the kids had a blast learning. We surf for a few hours, played beach games, and swam with the sea turtles. I have a few adults here now for a weeklong camp and we are having a great time! Surf was spectacular today! We are going to swim with sea turtles soon, and go and jump into waterfalls later. Tomorrow is our boat cruz with the whales. Life is really good here on the north shore of Oahu!

Surf on the famous north shore of Oahu where the movie "soul surfer" Was filmed!

Starring the amazing Bethany Hamilton!

Soul Surfer was an amazing movie about a very brave inspirational young surfer girl, and was filmed all along the beautiful north shore!
Surf Camps
Suzy will take you into a surf camp any date that works for you
Sunset Suzy offers Beginner surf lessons and surf safaris on the beautiful north shore of Oahu. Surf lessons with Sunset Suzy on the Island of Oahu are held in a small wave beginner cove filled with Hawaiian sea turtles. If you are looking for the Real Hawaii and want to escape the crowds, come to the North shore of Oahu where you will find uncrowded surf, sea turtles, long white sand beaches with coconut palm trees and warm turquoise waters. The north shore of Oahu is also home to world famous surf breaks like the Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach.

Each lesson is two to three hours long, and all of your equipment is provided.
Follow Your Dreams
Anything Is Possible If You Believe
Surfing Is Life, The Rest Is Details

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Aloha!! Thanks for checking out my web site.
When you come to Hawaii it is important to find the best surf instructor for you and your family.
So let me tell you a little about myself. I adopted the name Sunset Suzy from life guarding and surfing Sunset Beach for the last 18 years. With my lifeguarding experience and ocean safety skills I started a surf school and surf camps in Hawaii. I wanted to teach the people how to enjoy the ocean safely and surf in Hawaii.
The north shore can be a tricky place to learn how to surf. However there are some perfect small wave coves that provide small fun waves for beginners. I will show you exactly where these small fun waves are located, and how to surf on them and have a blast!
Hollywood has come to the north shore of Oahu a few times. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be in the movie "BLUE CRUSH", where I played a surfer girl. It was fun to meet Kate Bosworth and surf with her while filming the movie. The movie was made here on the north shore and I take my students to the same beaches where the movie was filmed.
Baywatch Hawaii also was filmed here and I was a stunt woman for the show. I fell off boats, surfed and played a surfer girl in many of the episodes.
I was also fortunate enough to co-host "Girl Meets Hawaii" with Samantha Brown from the Travel channel! I showed Samantha around the north shore and all the beautiful waves we have here.
Jimmy Buffet comes to the north shore all the time and is a great surfer and a nice man. We surf together each time he comes to town and he's always so much fun to surf with.
The north shore of Oahu is a beautiful place filled with awesome waves, waterfalls, sea turtles, and white sand beaches. So if you're coming to Hawaii for a surf camp or just a daily lesson, please let me show you around, teach you how and where to surf safely and take good care of you!

God bless and I hope to be surfing with you soon!
Sunset Suzy
SURF LESSONS IN HAWAII CAN BE A FUN AND EXCITING THING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Sometimes it is hard to find the right surf lesson for you. When you choose a surf lesson in Hawaii for you and your family make sure you choose wisely.
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Make Your Hawaii Surf Experience Fun And Safe

Many of the surf schools in Hawaii will tell you that they will give you a three to four surf lesson and charge you a lot of extra money. Don't waste your money on this type of gimmick.

Surf lessons in Hawaii are very fun but can be exhausting after three hours. If you have not had a surf lesson before chances are you will be extremely tired after two hours of surfing.

Also when choosing a Hawaii surf lesson make sure you're going with a reputable company. Choose a surf school that is licensed under the Department of Natural Land and Resources.

There are a lot of surf lessons in Hawaii who will say that they are State Certified surf schools, but they are not.

Also make sure that the surf lessons in Hawaii that you are taking are also c.p.r. and lifeguard certified.

Surf lessons on the north shore of Oahu with Sunset Suzy are fun and easy. The surf on the north shore can be big in the winter months. Suzy will take you to a safe small wave cove for your surf lesson. The waves in this cove are protected from the big waves. In this cove you will find little 5 year old children learning how to surf.

You're welcome to surf as long as you like in Suzy's Surf Lessons. If you have the energy to surf longer than two hours you're welcome to keep surfing!

Surf lessons in Hawaii can be a wonderful experience. Just make sure you choose the right surf lesson and price that suits you and your family best.

For your own safety and the safety of your family check with the Department of Natural land and resources to find out what surf schools are safe and licensed.

Aloha, God bless and I hope to be surfing with you soon!

Sunset Suzy

Department of Natural Land and Recourses: 808-587-1974
Aloha Suzy
Call Suzy to make your reservation TODAY !

Surfing on the North Shore can be fun and easy. Suzy will bring you to a safe, small wave perfect for you!

"Come and enjoy Suzy's all women's surf camps and enjoy surfing with women from all over the world. Email suzy for rates and camp dates..."
Aloha everyone..
Thanks again for visiting my site!  I know it is hard to choose a surf camp in Hawaii that is just right for you.  There are so many camps to choose from. Surf camps in Hawaii can be so fun!  Some surf camps also can be not what your expecting. While looking for surf camps in Hawaii make sure you look at each surf camps weekly schedule. Ask yourself what do you want to do the most for the week.  If the answer is Surf!  Make sure the surf camps offer surfing either most of the day or twice a day.  Some surf camps here in Hawaii focus on yoga or other activities and a lot of time is taken away from surfing. My surf camps here in Hawaii focus on Surfing, pure surfing.  We surf until we are too tired to surf anymore and then when everyone is satisfied we find other fun things to do like swim with our beautiful sea turtles we have here and go hike to waterfalls. So choose wisely when your coming to Hawaii for a surf camp and make sure you are spending your money on a surf camp that best suits your needs. God bless and aloha and I hope to see you in one of my surf camps here in beautiful Hawaii soon.
Sunset Suzy!

*Make Your Hawaii Surf Experience Fun And Safe *

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