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Make Your Hawaii Surf Experience Fun And Safe

Many of the surf schools in Hawaii will tell you that they will give you a three to four surf lesson and charge you a lot of extra money. Don't waste your money on this type of gimmick.

Surf lessons in Hawaii are very fun but can be exhausting after three hours. If you have not had a surf lesson before chances are you will be extremely tired after two hours of surfing.

Also when choosing a Hawaii surf lessons make sure your going with a reputable company. Choose a surf school that is licensed under the Department of Natural Land and Resources.

There are a lot of Surf lessons in Hawaii who will say that they are State Certified surf schools, but they are not.

Also make sure That the surf lessons in Hawaii that you are taking are also c.p.r. And lifeguard certified.

Surf lessons on the north shore of Oahu with Sunset Suzy are fun and easy.

The surf on the north shore can be big in the winter months.

Suzy will take you to a safe small wave cove for your surf lesson.

The waves in this cove are protected by the big waves. In this cove you will find little 5 year old children learning how to surf.

Your welcome to surf as long as you like in Suzy's Surf Lessons. If you have the energy to surf longer than two hours your welcome to keep surfing!

Surf lessons in Hawaii can be a wonderful experience. Just make sure you choose the right surf lesson and price that suits you and your family best.

For your own safety and the safety of your family check with the Department of Natural land and resources to find out what surf schools are safe and licensed.

Aloha God bless and I hope to be surfing with you soon!

Sunset Suzy

Department of Natural Land and Resourses: 808-587-1974

If you have any questions for Sunset Suzy please email her at

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